Marouflé Prestige-line

The marouflé prestige line consists cleaned 9mm MDF and is plastered with L-66 canvas.

The back is dark green  ( Dutch monument-green) with facet what distinctiveness these panels.

The linen has been treated extra with the known process of MusPaneel Art, but the tone of the linen remained reasonably visable. (Structure of the linen is less visable than with Marouflé Easy, there are more layers on top of the linen)

All types of paints can be applied even airbrush  (except Watercolour).

Made of 1st choice 9mm MDF board material certified under the FSC label. Here you can order all your Marouflé Prestige-line panels.


Marouflé-line Prestige 10x10 cm


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